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Behind Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link you find three organisations with a wide network of contacts representing the cleantech business community, investors, authorities and other organisations. We cooperate to facilitate the speedy development of innovative and sustainable businesses through qualified matchmaking with established industries. Being a part of the pool as an SME is free but we expect you to become actively involved. When you apply for this we expect you to have established a Limited Company.

The SMEs in our cluster fulfil requirements in growth potential and sustainability. Through the participation in the program they benefit from the concrete business projects, but also from the learning in the interface to the established industrial companies, market requirements and realistic limitations to their offering. These early market experiences are intended to focus their development efforts and improve possibilities of future business.

Your company will be screened by our team of experienced and competent business advisors who will give you support, advice and information. Our engagement is an additional hallmark of quality for your company. To be a part of Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link is a quality assurance for both innovation companies and financial investors.

All companies in the pool have established their companies on a sustainable business idea and they want to become profitable and competitive in their sphere of operation. Their innovation(s) and business idea(s) satisfy the definitions of cleantech and a sustainable society. Innovation companies are continually screened with respect to both business and environmental criteria.

How to become a part of the pool

Please email us the following information and we will get back to you. It is important that your idea(s) have the potential to be profitable, particularly in a international market, and that it meets the requirements described in our definition of cleantech. When we have received your application we will contact you for screening.

Please supply:

  • your name and position in your company
  • the name and type of your company
  • your company‚Äôs registered address and head office (if they are different)
  • what are the customer benefits
  • describe your:
    business idea
  • at what phase of development your company is and what are your needs?

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