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Natures technology in industrial solutions

The Vortex process are everywhere around us in nature at large as in small scale – from the hurricane and tornado, with its enormous power developments, to the DNA strands in our body. For many years people have been inspired by nature when it comes to design, but few have looked to nature for inspiration and knowledge in terms of functionality and technology. However, this is changing. How can we learn from nature and use these technologies in commercial applications? The concept is called Biomimetics, which is mimicking nature. Watreco is a leader in this field within the area of VPT – Vortex Process Technology.

Watreco is getting more and more attention both nationally and especially internationally. This is obviously pleasing and something that also generates interest among both end users and potential partners. More and more people are realizing the potential in the technology platform and that VPT can create effects and benefits for both end users and customers in several application areas. For example, UNEP (UN:s environment programme) which has drawn attention Watreco in conjunction with the launch of the book and the concept of Blue Economy (

Business, business and business. The last few years have been bussy years for Watreco. We are working hard to establish ourselves in the market through our international network of distributors, which has led to ever-increasing sales. For us the deal and that customers want to buy our products, is what comes in first place. Without business, no company. The development has also led to us the decision, in consultation with CINNS, to leave the direct participation in CINNS to become a CINNS Alumni.

Our results on the market are primarily based on a focused effort to sell Watreco’s Realice systems. It shows again that focus is important and gets results. Today we have Realice installations in key markets in both Europe and North America and today Realice is a renowned brand in the hockey and arena circuit. Some customers have been able to demonstrate energy savings of up to 25% by installing Realice system. In the wake of the successes of Realice we are building on the products in the areas Limeteq (reduction of lime-building), Greeteq (irrigation) and Aeration/Mixing.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufaturing) is another interesting area where Watreco now are implementing a number of projects with potential customers. The work is expected to result in recurrent and significant sales volumes for the components to be integrated into customers’ production of products and systems.

In recent years, Watreco have established relationships with a number of Universities and research institutions, both in Sweden and abroad. This is an important part of the research and development activities of the company in order to further increase understanding and knowledge of vortex process and its use, foremost within the water area.

Finally, work has begun to bring in capital and establishing new subsidiaries for both specific application areas such as for example aeration and water quality in the Aquaculture to geographic markets with great potential.

Anders Lindskog, CEO

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