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Mechanical weed control without chemicals

JustCommonSense AB was founded on its patented weed control innovation COMBCUT.

Weeds are a serious problem for farmers the world over and frequently are the cause of poor harvests. COMBCUT is particularly effective with thistles, a plant that threatens organic farming, there is no other piece of equipment on the market that can do the job and the demand is high.

The new smart knives on the machine are the farmer’s new weapon. This completely new and uncomplicated technique mechanically combats difficult weeds in arable farm lands while the crop is growing and does not use chemicals.

The equipment, which is attached to a tractor, can be likened to a large comb with a number of smart knives that cut the weeds close to their roots without harming the crop, hence the name CombCut. The machine is able to feel the differences in stalks; the differences include thickness, stiffness and branching. The construction is simple and reliable.

COMBCUT has a high scientifically documented effect against persistent and difficult weeds in a 3-year research project financed by SLU Ekoforsk. It is particularly effective against thistles and seeding weeds.

In 2006, the invention was given an environment innovation award. Besides being a poison-free system the equipment is relatively light, moves on wheels and does not sink into the soil; these factors combined with its high efficiency means that it has low energy and running costs. Usage also reduces the need for costly and energy demanding ground preparation against weeds.

The equipment is currently patented in Sweden, the USA, Russia and the Ukraine and PCT applications have been made in Europe and the large farming countries that JCS AB have determined are the most interesting future markets.

COMBCUT is currently being sold and marketed in Sweden and overseas; the product is CE marked.

The most decisive part of the development is over and COMBCUT has been accepted by the market as an interesting and functional product, the next step is to find suitable partners or investors with complementary skills, knowhow and resources to assist with sales and marketing both in Sweden and overseas.

Jonas Carlsson CEO

A long-term sustainable farming industry needs to employ systems that do destroy the conditions for growing crops in nutrient rich and fertile soils, upset waterways or limit biological diversity. One example of such a method is an innovative mechanical technique for getting rid of weeds developed by Just Common Sense. This simple but genial invention is based on a sound understanding of the needs of the farmer and nature.

Cleantech Inn Sweden, 14 January 2011

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