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Future Energy Technologies

FET’s overall mission is to revolutionize the global palm sap industry by developing innovative equipment for extraction of palm sap.

FET expects palm trees to become an even more important crop in the future. Palm trees such as Arenga pinnata, Nypa fruticans, and Borassus flabellifer grow sustainably in Southeast Asia and can be harvested for large amounts of high sugar content sap. Other species of sugar producing palms grow in Africa and South America. The extracted sap can be used for production of e.g. syrup, sugar, vinegar, sweet and alcoholic beverages, and biofuel. In fact, palm trees are able to produce higher yields in sugar and alcohol compared to conventional crops, such as sugarcane, sugar beet, maize, cassava, and sweet potatoes.

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Future Energy Technologies

We want to revolutionize the global palm sap industry by developing innovative equipment for extraction of palm sap.


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