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Supporting Open Innovation in Sustainability

The Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link brings together established global industrial companies with innovative, start-up SMEs in cleantech and with the intention of creating opportunities for cooperation between them. It is the intention that this cooperation should serve to advance the development towards a sustainable society while generating new businesses with high growth potential.

As an industry partner, you don’t just gain access to a range of innovative technology companies looking to establish key industry relations and alliances – we make sure you find and meet with those relevant to you.

We seek industry partners who are large established companies with a committed agenda relating to the environment and sustainability, open to renewal of their product portfolio and their internal processes through external innovation partnerships. Participation in the innovation cluster brings them the opportunity to identify and confirm the technology and performance of suitable innovations for integration in their offering. Thus developing both their business and operations.

The SMEs in our cluster fulfil requirements in growth potential and sustainability. Through the participation in the program they benefit from the concrete business projects, but also from the learning in the interface to the established industrial companies, market requirements and realistic limitations to their offering. These early market experiences are intended to focus their development efforts and improve possibilities of future business

Nordic Cleantech Innovation Link drives this innovation cluster through continuous screening and recruiting of eligible and suitable SME members and through facilitation of cooperation between SMEs and Industrial Partners.
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